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Date: 07/29/22 08:43
4014 blowdown
Author: LocoPilot750

Last times I got to watch 4014, there was an almost continuous ejection of steam from the blowdown to the ground, behind the cab on the engineer's cab. I have only seen a few photos or videos of this years trip to Denver, but I'm not seeing now. Has it been re-routed to another location on the engine, or maybe I just haven't seen it in the limited looking I've managed this time ? The way it was last time I saw it, it really messed up the photos of the Engineer's side.

Date: 07/29/22 09:44
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: Bob3985

I believe he has to turn it on in the cab to activate it.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 07/29/22 13:01
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: HotWater

Just watched a YouTube video, shot from the right hand (North) side, of 4014 departing Cheyenne, and the continuous blowdown discharging under the rear of the cab is still present.

Date: 07/29/22 15:12
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: callum_out

Might we all suggest a "foam car" right behind the canteens?


Date: 07/30/22 18:50
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: ProAmtrak

All I can say is that actually paying off? If I remember they did that with 844 and you all know what happened with that!

Date: 08/02/22 13:14
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: DocJones

Seems like continuous blowdown wastes a lot of water. 
Ideas appreciated. No trolls, no flames please. 

Have fun, be safe,

Bruce "Doc" Jones  Sierra Madre CA

Date: 08/02/22 13:47
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: callum_out

You can walk in circles making painful noises. Your water treatment is supposed to reduce foaming which would seem
to reduce the need for the contiuous blowdown but that's wish in one hand and bleep in the other. The continuous at low
flow is a compromise between timed large releases and nothing at all. 


Date: 08/02/22 14:20
Re: 4014 blowdown
Author: wcamp1472

The purpose of blowing down is to make room for adding fresh water.
Fresh water is added in order to dilute the concentration of imputities
 in the water.

Imputities come from the dissolved materials in the boiler water and
the chemicals added to the boiler water to suppress foaming.

Fresh water is added to try to reduce the concentration.

The best way to reduce calcium impurities is to externally pre-treat the water 
before sending it to the boiler ---- as is done in all stationary boilers.


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