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Date: 08/02/22 17:52
Surprise Steam at Grand Canyon Railway
Author: B-LineRailfan

Last week, I went on a hiking trip with my brother at the Grand Canyon and managed to squeeze in just a little bit of railfanning. Arriving in Grand Canyon Village on July 28, 2022, I was not expecting to see a steam locomotive since no steam trips were on the schedule (normally, Grand Canyon Railway only runs steam the first Saturday of the month). Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see 2-8-2 #4960 with a train on the track near the Backcountry Information Center. It turned out that they ran a steam charter train that day in addition to the regular F-40PH powered passenger train from Williams, Arizona.


Steve Gass
Linden, VA

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Date: 08/02/22 19:57
Re: Surprise Steam at Grand Canyon Railway
Author: callum_out

Nice little piece of video, the engine looks great.


Date: 08/03/22 12:37
Re: Surprise Steam at Grand Canyon Railway
Author: ATSF1129

Having seen another photo of the charter elsewhere, I would surmise that the demotored RDC was added to prop up the operable brake count.

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