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Steam & Excursion > Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444

Date: 01/24/23 09:33
Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444
Author: MaryMcPherson

Referencing a recent thread in the title, we see Union Pacific #844(4) hauling a$$ near Reynoldsville, Illinois, on her way to the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans.

George Redmond photo

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

Date: 01/24/23 13:58
Re: Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444
Author: livesteamer

Looks to be running at speed; maybe sanding the flues in action?

Marty Harrison
Knob Noster, MO

Date: 01/24/23 14:35
Re: Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444
Author: kennbritt

More likely Jim Chval was firing. He was notorious for having a bit of a heavy hand on the firing valve. Stewart, Duncan and Fitzpatrick normally were much cleaner.

Kennard Britton

Date: 01/24/23 14:45
Re: Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444
Author: HotWater

For what it's worth, a VERY important part of running a large oil burner, especially with a fairly light train/load, is how the Engineer sets the reverse gear under light throttle. In other words, just be cause you may be making over 60 MPH, does NOT mean that the reverse gear should be "hooked up high", with such a light throttle. Such operation produces insufficient draft, and the Fireman is then trying to constantly "catch up", including using lots of blower. Not to mention, that operation to and from New Orleans had fuel issues.

Date: 01/25/23 08:09
Re: Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444
Author: BAB

Always nice to see your comments as you were there done that usually applies thanks much.

Date: 01/25/23 17:43
Re: Slightly Less "Precision" Firing On 8444
Author: wcamp1472

I've seen similar drafting problems with lightly drafted coal burners..
Also, with light drafts and large-grate coal burners is the build up of ashes 
in the firebeds .... a deeper firebed slows the free path of oxygen getting
to the buring area..
More black smoke...


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