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Date: 03/08/23 18:21
ORHC - TT BRIDGE waiting mode + picture of bridge
Author: Jsporseen

Here are a few pics just to pass the time as I think everything is basically ready on the outside but a little time is needed to put the finishing touches on everything that needs to go on or with the turntable;  trucks, etc.

#1 - pic taken from the entry gate across the pit. 
#2 - pic taken from the maintenance bay across the pit.
#3 - pic of the back of the building showing #96 has pulled Polson Logging #2 out: it is going to pull a St. Patricks special on the same route as the holiday excpress 

I couldn't stay to get in but it looks like there were a lot of people inside even though there is no one in the pit area pictures.


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Date: 03/08/23 20:34
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: asheldrake

GREAT pictures John....thanks for the posting.   I believe the next step is to get the turntable trucks put together.   NICE to see the Polson #2 steamed up after a firebox rebuild and other work.  Arlen

Date: 03/09/23 04:51
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: agent1522

Thanks John and Arlen for the continuing updates.  I hope to be in Portland probably in the Fall and I'm looking forward to seeing everything in person. 

Date: 03/09/23 19:24
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: Jsporseen

Hoping to be available to take some pics of the actual bridge installation.  There are, of course, a lot of additional items that will still need to be done:
- control cabin
- electrical hookups
- fence on the TT
- fence around the perimeter of the pit with gates for the various tracks - got to keep people safe
- two access tracks, one from the enginehouse and the other around the east side of the bulding
- feather tracks
- walkway from the front gate to the front door of the building and around the outside of the perimeter
- exhibits
- landscaping
- etc., etc.

It has been great fun watching as progress is being made.

Of course everybody wants to see the big fellas 4449 and 700 on the TT but some day I hope to be able to see a rebuilt OR&N #197 and/or the Mt. Emily Shay take a spin on it.  If there is a desire to keep something on the TT for display when it is not in use, how about the UP #96 and the UP Caboose because the steamers will spend most, if not all of their spare time inside the enginehouse getting their normal TLC.


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Date: 03/10/23 07:16
Arlen - great volunteer
Author: Jsporseen

For those who don't know Arlen, he is highlighted in the March edition of the ORHC newsletter "Around the Enginehouse".  I hope others, including myself, can sneak in a picture during the next few weeks while he is gone on his well deserved cruise.  Incidentally, he and I wear hats that are exactly the same.  I don't think there are many of those special Freedom Train hats left.  His hat is much cleaner than mine.

ARLEN SHELDRAKEhttps://files.constantcontact.com/090662c8601/cc4aea06-11a7-4208-818f-4c00a125df50.jpg Involved with ORHF almost since its inception, Arlen is a valued member of our volunteer team. He works diligently inside and outside the Center to ensure its appearance is clean, sanitary, well organized and shipshape. He takes great pride in putting our best foot forward when welcoming visitors to the Enginehouse! Arlen was born and raised in Hood River. After graduating from Hood River High School in 1959, he gave college a shot and ultimately joined the Air Force. While based at Hickam AFB in Hawaii, he trained to be a punch card accounting machine operator. This training led to a 30-year career on the administrative side in public education, working in information technology. He ultimately retired from the Multnomah Education Service District.  Arlen’s interest in trains comes from his father. He remembers that on Sundays the family would go to church, get ice cream and then go watch trains as they traveled through town. He joined the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in 1988 and served multiple terms as president of the organization. In 2005, with the help of Doyle McCormack, he chaired the NRHS convention “Go By Train,” which included round trip excursions to Wishram, Washington with the SP 4449 and SP&S 700. In 2001, with the strong support of ORHF President Laurel Lyon, the Pacific Northwest Chapter of NHRS joined ORHF as a partner organization, and the rest is history! He married Rita in 1969. They have two sons and three grandchildren. Arlen and Rita are excited to be departing soon on a Viking cruise originating in Buenos Aires and voyaging to Portugal. Other places they have enjoyed visiting include Denali, Alaska—they loved the bus tours of the National Park; Africa, where watching free range animals took their breath away; and Berlin twice—both before and after the wall came down. When asked what his Superpower is, Arlen passionately said writing. He hopes to do more writing at ORHF with newsletter contributions and volunteer updates about ongoing projects at the Enginehouse. And of utmost importance, his favorite ice cream flavor? “Tillamook French Vanilla of course!”

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Date: 03/10/23 07:29
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: czuleget

Thank you for the picture of the man behind the lens.  My hats is off to all involved.

Date: 03/10/23 13:20
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: nycman

I have one of those hats, and treasure it, as a member of the 4449 crew taking that beauty back to Minnesota in 2009. What a trip.

Date: 03/10/23 17:59
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: dmaffei

Jsporseen Wrote:
> For those who don't know Arlen, 

Nice story. Volunteers make the museum a better place with good people like Arlen. ( Love the Hat! )

Date: 03/11/23 07:15
Bridge On Display Before Construction Started (6-10-2021)
Author: Jsporseen

By the way here is a picture taken June 10, 2021, of the bridge sitting where the pit is now completed in front of the ORHC. A week or two later the new ties were actually laid on top of the bridge and I have a picture of that somewhere, but can't find it


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Date: 03/11/23 07:28
Re: ORHC - TT BRIDGE in waiting mode (I think)
Author: BAB

To all who make comments about what is going on thanks much they help out at times. And about something on the TT, how about this put an item on there and change it once in a while say a a car of some type or and engine? All for those who want that special picture? Just a thought this thread has been one of the best ever on here. 

Date: 03/11/23 22:10
Re: Arlen - great volunteer
Author: Todd

John,  I order them from time to time.  If you want I will get you one.


Date: 03/12/23 06:12
Re: Arlen - great volunteer
Author: asheldrake

they were supposed to post the caption....ready for another load......there are a bunch of us "behind" the scenes doing "stuff".....from packing the dimes to stocking the supplies...to floors.....to getting to tour the visitors....and yes the littler and grafiti just keep on coming, .PLUS all of those who work on the locos and cars.....thanks I think John for posting this posed picture....warm here in buenos aires.    Arlen

Date: 03/12/23 13:46
Re: Bridge On Display Before Construction Started (6-10-2021)
Author: asheldrake

it was amazing to watch the RFC crew place the new non-cresote (something earth friendly treated) placement of the new ties (non-smelling) on the bridge.   Arlen

Date: 03/12/23 21:19
Re: Bridge On Display Before Construction Started (6-10-2021)
Author: Jim700

Jsporseen Wrote:
> . . . A week or two later the new ties were actually laid on top of the
> the bridge and I have a picture of that somewhere, but can't find it.

Perhaps this will help.


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