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Date: 05/23/23 12:31
PRR 3752
Author: refarkas

(Ed Treesh redo) PRR 3752 is in what seems to be South Amboy, New Jersey in the mid-1950's. In my earlier post several years ago, my editing software removed the "P" from Pennsylvania.

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Date: 05/23/23 13:05
Re: PRR 3752
Author: wcamp1472

Looks like it's fresh out of the Altoona shops!
Fresh paint!

It sure looks like South Amboy environs.
I grew up in Long Branch, enjoyed both Pennsy 
& CNJ steam, as a youngster ---  I'd hang out at 
the RR station in the afternoons --- to catch the 
the PM  'commuter rush' .... a train about every 
10 minutes....CNJ & Pennsy mix.

South Amboy could be a very busy place, too.
A constant ballet of K4s, GG1s and Camelbacks...
all obeying the timetables.

Interestingly, with the coming of diesels, the frequent,
repeated  stops and starts ( south of Red Bank) were
injurious to traction motors under EMDs and Alcos.. 

Baldwin 'passenger Sharks' ( 2,000 hp & 2 sets of prime mover)
had Westinghouse motors ( more copper) and were less prone
to failure in the demanding, quick re-starts of commuter service.
The stations south of Red Bank were close together, and required
quick accelerations --- which K4s were good at!

When the Baldwins wore out, the TT schedules were lengthened,
and slowed in order to be easier on the "lighter-electrical equipment"
of the replacement EMD E7 dismals.

Last of steam was 1957.... But Ross ran a couple of steam excursions 
Communipaw, through Red Bank, to CNJ Tracks to south Jersey.

I fired the HICO 1286, Red Bank though South Amboy,
back to Communipaw, on the Hudson.  
Great memories!


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Date: 05/23/23 13:25
Re: PRR 3752
Author: refarkas

You made this photo come alive with your back story. Thank you.

Date: 05/23/23 14:04
Re: PRR 3752
Author: wcamp1472

In the photo, above, the 3752  is proceeding to a siding to wait for the next 
southbound to arrive.   

The arriving GG1 is uncoupled from the train (near this spot),
and uses these crossovers to return north a short distance to wait 
in the lay-up tracks for next scheduled northbound Pennsy train..

When the GG1 is in the 'clear', the 3752 backs & couples to the train,
the steam and air lines are connected, the brakes tested
( verified by the car inspectors to the engineer, --- in the days before
   blue flag rules on the Main tracks )---and the train brakes released,  
soon they're on the way.

During the quick layover, several 'regulars' ran from the train to the
Amboy bars' back-doors for several cold 6-packs..  
With several successive trains, the bar owners had a whole afternoon
ballet worked out !

The CNJ commuters used steam-power from Communipaw terminal
( on the Jersey side of the Hudson),  only stopped at S.Amboy for passengers,
no CNJ engine changes...

Those 'runners' had to be very quick.... But, the train crews could be
cooperative, too....so nobody would be left behind ....  

Both CNJ & PRR leased dedicated, members-only, coaches to several
commuter clubs, year-round.   Altoona car shops even applied the various 
club's names on the sides of the PRR's leased P70 coaches.

When the 'State took over the trains , the practices were dropped..


With the extension of the catenary, south to Long Branch, a couple of decades ago,
   the engine changes at S. Amboy ceased....it became just another station stop...)

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Date: 05/23/23 14:51
Re: PRR 3752
Author: Notch7

Great pic of the 3752.

Date: 05/24/23 01:21
Re: PRR 3752
Author: ClubCar

That is a great photo of a mighty Pennsylvania R.R. Engine.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 05/24/23 08:09
Re: PRR 3752
Author: raytc1944

Didn't the CNJ run some Baldwin double Enders on the NY&LB?

Date: 05/24/23 08:25
Re: PRR 3752
Author: wcamp1472

YES...They did.

However, the southern terminus of NY& LB is a 
Reverse loop and striarge yard, at Bay Head.
All trains arriving at Bay Head yard go around the loop
snd are then ready for the next trip, north.

At least, that's the way it used to be.
Things have changed over the decades, 
with the catenary extended to Long Branch.

Most commuter trans now terminate at Long Branch.
I don't know if local trains serve the towns south of there.

Bay Head terminal might not exist in its original


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