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Date: 05/23/23 18:36
Is this a Shay?
Author: timz

Date: 05/23/23 18:44
Re: Is this a Shay?
Author: engrbob

Yes, or an Willamette.  

Date: 05/23/23 20:42
Re: Is this a Shay?
Author: CPR_4000

Shay. Willamettes were a later development.

Date: 05/23/23 22:33
Re: Is this a Shay?
Author: JDLX

The boiler offset to the left side of the frame indicates that yes, this is a Shay.  Willamette Iron & Steel Works built their geared engines much later in time, after the Shay patent expired. 

Shays: http://www.gearedsteam.com/shay/shay.htm
Willamettes: http://www.gearedsteam.com/willamette/willamette.htm

Jeff Moore
Elko, NV

Date: 05/24/23 03:42
Re: Is this a Shay?
Author: LoggerHogger

Shop Number 249 -

Built for: S. Frost & Co.

{215th Lima Built Shay}



[#-Dia. x Stroke]
3 - 9x8Gear Ratio:2.176Wheel Dia.:26"Gauge:std.Boiler:
[Style - Dia.]
W.T.- 36"Boiler Pressure:In Lbs. (PSI)

160Tractive Effort:9,762 Lbs.
Factor of
Safe Speed:
Fuel Type:Coal
Fuel Capacity:1.25 Tons
Water Capacity:825 Gallons
Empty Weight:As built
S. Frost & Co. #249, Stanton, MI
(1-20-1921) Bennett & Brown Lbr. Co. #1, Ontonagon, MI
(8-6-1926) Leased to: Lewis Anderson, Thomaston, MI
(8-3-1928) Herman Holmes, Iron River, MI
Sparrow-Kroll Lbr. Co., Kenton, MI
Disposition: Scrapped


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