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Date: 11/03/05 10:34
Mechanical Hardware
Author: switchlock

Seeing the pic in this thread
reminded me of a neat setup that used to be at the crossing of the MP and UP in Lindsborg, KS. Anybody else have shots of switches, derails, gates etc. that operated by long connecting rods? Is there anything like this preserved anywhere so one can get a good look at the design and operation of the thing?

Date: 11/05/05 21:21
Re: Mechanical Hardware
Author: JohnSweetser

The January 2004 issue of Model Railroader had an article about modeling mechanical interlocking plants that had good info of how they were set up. The issue probably can still be purchased from Kalmbach Publishing.

You might get a better response by posting your questions on the Eastern Board, maybe under the title "Questions about preserved interlocking plants" or words similar.

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