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Date: 12/11/05 21:31
wrecked T&P #615
Author: xtra1188w

My dad took this picture of wrecked T&P 2-10-4 #615 somewhere in Texas. I estimated the date to be in the 1950's, but I really think that it was earlier than that. Does anybody have any ideas of when or where this was?


Date: 12/11/05 23:13
Re: wrecked T&P #615
Author: RobJ


Lists a wreck at Ft. Worth but appears to be different. Pole line abd vegetation look different and wreck appears nore substantial.

Roster Photo from their website


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Date: 12/12/05 08:34
Re: wrecked T&P #615
Author: Phil

Those T&P 2-10-4s were awesome engines. I'll always remember my 1977 excursion down the Southerns Rathole Division powered by T&P 610. That engine made quick and easy work of the Rathole.


Date: 12/12/05 11:54
prior to 1939
Author: tomstp

This wreck was prior to 1939, most like 5 or 6 years prior to that judging by the looks of they way the engine is equipped.. Note the Dry pipe on left side of the boiler, no doghouse or safety railings on top of oil bunker, still has the round ended eccentric crank, main driver is spoked, etc. The class was rebuilt removing the dry pipe, addition of mud ring blow offs, changing the ecccentric crank to rectangle shape, boxpok or baldwin disc main driver, light weight nickel steel rods, cross counterweight balancing of drivers, addition of safety railings on tender and addition of a doghouse for head brakeman. As the later pictures shows, a 2nd sand dome was added above the crown sheet. These were added to about 20 engines from 1945 to 1946. The rebuilt engines could run 70 MPH and ride well. Prior to that, at 45 MPH under certains conditions, you could see the main driver lift off the rail and kink track for miles.

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