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Date: 03/31/06 07:57
Espee whereizit
Author: TonyJ

Just another day of an SP local switching cars at an old spur in the West. Notice the many boxcars in use back then, although a long SP autorack car and a couple of covered hoppers and caboose round out the consist for this day. - Tony J.

Date: 03/31/06 08:16
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: skeeter4810

Ione Branch?. Northern California?.

Date: 03/31/06 09:28
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: samreeves

The trees in the background look like Ione.

Sam Reeves

Date: 03/31/06 10:23
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: Gonut1

Waycross, GA?

Date: 03/31/06 11:06
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: spnudge

Near Wyo, Hamilton on the westside?


Date: 03/31/06 15:52
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: MyfordBrowning

My first thought is Hamilton City. Could the boxcars and auto rack be stored excess cars? There were times when the SP had cars stored at various point, such as the out of service part of the Santa Paul Branch.

Date: 03/31/06 18:38
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: TonyJ

A couple of you were on the right track. The train is switching at Grimes, CA. on the Colusa Branch on June 7, 1984. I'll post a few more shots from that day. The first is the train after departing Grimes and approaching a grade crossing near Graino, CA. - Tony J.

Date: 03/31/06 19:12
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: TonyJ

The train passes me near Graino.

Date: 03/31/06 19:13
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: TonyJ

The caboose brings up the rear. - Tony J.

Date: 03/31/06 19:14
Re: Espee whereizit
Author: TonyJ

The train passes several of the many rice fields of Colusa County. At one time Colusa County produced more rice per acre than any place on earth. - Tony J.

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