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Date: 04/29/06 22:28
Cadillac Commuter
Author: NI030

One of Espee's two boiler equipped SD9's that were used on the SF Peninsula commute service departs San Mateo headed for SF in July 1978

Date: 04/29/06 22:58
Re: Cadillac Commuter
Author: WR-44

Looks like it must have whacked something not too long before, since there are two fresh welds on the plow.

Date: 04/29/06 23:29
Re: Cadillac Commuter
Author: dmaffei

Ah yes, the good old days.
That plow still has the soot and paint burnt from it's repair. Remember the paint shop at bayshore repainting stuff like that. Brings me back to those great SP days of my youth.
Thanks for posting,

Date: 04/30/06 06:41
Re: Cadillac Commuter
Author: GoldenState

Nice photo. Keep 'em coming. It would be nice to see her running again. It does seem that the kids in the adjacent trailer park are slowly applying a new paint job. Note the weld on the plow in your photo is still visible in this photo taken in Schellville on March 18, 2006. -Rob

Date: 04/30/06 08:34
Re: Cadillac Commuter
Author: mvaughn209

Are the SD-9 and the F-Units all still there? It seems like I heard they are stranded due to a track washout. Can anyone shed any light on the situation there and if its possible for these units to leave by rail? Thanks.

Date: 04/30/06 15:33
Re: Cadillac Commuter
Author: mwbridgwater

Wow... it's always shocking to see a comparison like that. What a difference 28 years makes!


Date: 05/01/06 18:38
Re: Cadillac Commuter
Author: GoldenState

I don't know about a track washout stranding these units, I think that there are a few Geeps stranded in Eureka, at the north end of the NWP, due to a washout in the Eel river canyon.

The locomotives at Schellville are SP SD9R 4451,4347,4436, and Bessimer F7A 718A, and F7B (number not legible)
There is also a flat, a box, a ballast regulator, and a bay window crummy.

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