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Date: 01/03/07 23:41
Ice reefers
Author: pmack

What was the protocol for the doors, hatches in the roof? When were they left open or shut? Obviously, they were for putting ice into the bunkers to keep the car cool. I assume they were then shut until the car needed to be re-iced or it got where it was going. When the cars were empty, it makes sense they would be left open to dry things out. Most models have provisions for modeling them open or closed and I was wondering what was appropriate.

Eastbound fruit train crosses a bridge in Eastern Washington.

Date: 01/03/07 23:59
Re: Ice reefers
Author: wfre

pmack Wrote:
> What was the protocol for the doors, hatches in
> the roof? When were they left open or shut?

From the PFE book, the answer is "it depends" - sorry - not very helpful ! There are products that shipped pre-cooled with no ice and hatches closed, products that shipped with no ice but with hatches open for ventilation, and same with ice and hatches open or closed. I'm guessing it also depended on the time of year, route and distance - and the reefer model itself.

Might be helpful to get a copy of the PFE book to get more clarity. Or wait for better answers from the experts here !

Walt in Sausalito CA

Date: 01/04/07 05:51
Re: Ice reefers
Author: BrianJennison

To add to what Walt said, if you are shipping lettuce eastbound in the summer, the cars would be iced and the hatches closed. The empties would come back hatches open. But if you are shipping potatoes in the winter, they actually usee charcoal heaters to keep the things from freezing. I seldom saw any plug doors open...these are always supposed to be closed in transit.

I assume you are shipping apples, so go with NP and GN photos "from the days."

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