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Date: 04/12/07 08:50
Interesting Bell
Author: africansteam

There is a interesting locomotive bell currently up for auction on eBay. Reportedly an artifact from the WWII 715Th Railroad Operating Battalion, it is inscribed with several names, one being a Lt. Heisler! How cool is that!



Date: 04/14/07 18:07
Re: Interesting Bell
Author: rspeck

I googled this and here is one of the articles I found. Interesting.....



Date: 04/15/07 23:56
Re: Interesting Bell
Author: GrandTrunk519

Hi Jack,

I bought this bell you are taking about that was for auction on Ebay. I had to pay a small fortune for it. But it's got a good railroad family home now (my family members were engineers/conductors/carman/brakeman and fireman from 1868 to 1980), and I'm willing to share any historical info once I learn more about it. My great uncle Thomas T. Simard who I adored was either on the 714th or 715th. I will know that information from my father in about a week. He has to search through a lot of things Ted (Thomas Simard) collected. But I couldn't pass this bell up if my family actually served on the train this was on. I should have the bell in about 10 days or so. I can only hope it travels 3000 miles with no damage. Please feel to keep in contact with me at mmorse1@aol.com to find out more about the bell.


Matthew Morse

P.S. If anyone out there knows any information about Grand Trunk or later named Canadian National Locomotive #519 please contact me. My great grandfather was the engineer for it's entire life before diesels took over. I have a beautiful picture taken of it in 1918 in Portland Maine with him (Thomas Simard) and his fireman Mr. Rabida standing near the cow catcher. I will send the picture online to anyone interested. Just ask.

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