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Nostalgia & History > 1927 B&O Iron Horse Fair - Part 2

Date: 05/28/07 22:25
1927 B&O Iron Horse Fair - Part 2
Author: TonyJ

As posted before, these are a few more examples of the old lantern slides given to me four (or more) decades ago. They were a teacher's aide with the subject being the "Iron Horse". Many of the photos were taken during B&O's "Iron Horse Fair" of 1927 - the railroad's centennial year. The following captions are what's written on the slides. - Tony J.

Photo #1 - Iron Horse PUFFING BILLY - first English locomotive with smooth drivers, 1813.

Photo #2 - TOM THUMB - first B&O locomotive, 1829-1830.

Photo #3 - DEWITT CLINTON - A train of the Mohawk & Hudson, 1831.

Date: 05/29/07 05:44
Re: 1927 B&O Iron Horse Fair - Part 2
Author: xtra1188w

Can't you almost hear the wise people of the era when these locos and their trains were new? "What in the hell do those guys think they're doing with that contraption? It's probably more dangerous than practical, besides we don't need to replace good horses with these dirty noisy things, there'll never be anything good come of this! Mark my words!" or some such similar sentiments.

Thanx again Tony for sharing these.


Date: 05/29/07 07:59
Re: 1927 B&O Iron Horse Fair - Part 2
Author: skrambo

Remember the old story of the first train through a small town.

The wise observer announced (as it approached). "They'll never get it stopped."
As it prepared to leave, he said "They'll never get it started".

After it left, he said "If it ever comes through sideways. it'll wipe out the whole town."

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