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Date: 05/29/07 05:57
The River City Flyer
Author: xtra1188w

At first I thought about putting this thread on the Western Board since it's almost a contemporary scene, and as far as I know they are still running a "River City Flyer" from Cedar Park Texas to downtown Austin and return to CP every sunday afternoon. I also thought about the Passenger Train board since this is a passenger train, but it doesn't quite fit there. I also thought posting it on the Steam Board since the motive power is an "Alligator", an ALCo RSD-15, that's been dubbed as an "honorary steam locomotive", but it doesn't quite seem right there either. So I have decided to put it in Nostalgia since this train wouldn't even be in existence if it weren't for the nostalgia that we as a society have for such things.

1 Here it is headed northbound on the former SP/T&NO Llano branch in north Austin on its return to Cedar Park. The time is about 5:45pm. The train is paralleling Airport Blvd., and is approaching the grade crossing at 51st street. I was parked at the right curb of Red River Street, and just about 2o feet south of 51st street.

2. Here it is almost right on top of the 51st street xing.

3. Here it's north of 51st Street, and is approaching the North Loop grade crossing. The engineer thru here almost has his whistle/horn tied down as they slowly work their way back north.

I just noticed after I reposted this after I had edited it the first time, instead of typing the numeral "20" in the first description's paragraph, I typed it as "2o". I catch myself doing this frequently and then have to make the appropriate changes. Old habits die hard I reckon, and I started to explain why I have this old habit, but then I thought it might fun to see if anyone else realizes where this stems from.

Here's another edit: The 4 car consist was from the front, a former Santa Fe lounge car, unknown number or name by me. Then comes the former NKP City of Chicago, and finally two exPRR heavyweight coaches with 4 wheel trucks, but I forget what they were called.

Date: 05/29/07 07:08
Re: The River City Flyer
Author: ssw

I'll be riding behind the "gator" next week. Something I look forward to, because of the scenery! Okay, maybe the smoking ALCo has a bit to do with wanting to ride again :-)
Only way it'd be any better is if a certain MK-5 was there. :-)

Bradley Linda
Waco, Texas

Date: 05/29/07 11:21
Re: The River City Flyer
Author: tomcough

The two ex-Pennsy cars are class P-70.
Tom Coughlin

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