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Nostalgia & History > SSW/Cotton Belt flood detour train in '93

Date: 01/19/08 17:16
SSW/Cotton Belt flood detour train in '93
Author: JoCoLB

Here's another couple of pictures from July 1993 when various trains were detouring in Eastern Kansas as the result of extensive flooding along the Kansas River.

Picture One: This scene shows a westbound SSW (Cotton Belt) train taking the east end of a seldom-used Missouri Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad siding at Osage City, KS, on the afternoon of July 25, 1993. A railroad communications tower can be seen just opposite of the SSW power. I'm relatively certain Osage City's old Missouri Pacific depot once stood adjacent to the tower.

Picture Two: This scene is an up-close look at the SSW 8970 lead unit on the detouring train. The picture was shot in black and white due to the photographer running out of color film at the wrong time. B&W film is better than no film--that's what I say!

The SSW train would have normally traveled west from Kansas City via the Union Pacific line to Topeka and then the SSW line southwest from Topeka to Herington. The MoPac/Union Pacific line east of Osage City was also utilized by the ATSF and the Denver & Rio Grande for a few days.

Date: 01/19/08 21:17
Re: SSW/Cotton Belt flood detour train in '93
Author: imrl

I was just thinking about going down that way today to see how much it has changed, but ran out of time. Great series of pictures, please keep sharing. I know I enjoy them.

Date: 01/20/08 01:44
Re: SSW/Cotton Belt flood detour train in '93
Author: dpc37

Yes the depot was just north of the tower.

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