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Nostalgia & History > 3 EMD demonstrator units on D&RGW train in '93

Date: 01/19/08 18:31
3 EMD demonstrator units on D&RGW train in '93
Author: JoCoLB

Three EMD SD70-M locomotive demonstrator units pulled a Denver & Rio Grande Western freight train across Kansas in 1993.

Picture One: The three EMD units are shown pulling onto Union Pacific (former Missouri Pacific) tracks in Herington, KS, while leaving the Southern Pacific switch yard there on June 12, 1993.

Picture Two: Several minutes later, the three EMD demonstrator units are moving westbound, 1 mile west of Hope, KS. U.P. crews will also be changed at Hoisington, KS, and Horace, KS, before the train touches D&RGW rails at Pueblo, Colo.

Three questions: What is the typical function of the passenger car trailing such demonstrator units? Are mechanical and electrical engineers riding in the car as support personnel in case problems develop with the new units? Is there test equipment/recorders on board the car which monitor performance of the engines? There may even be Trainorders members who have some sort of record of this same train and can shed additional information on the engine consist and the support car.

Date: 01/19/08 19:35
Re: 3 EMD demonstrator units on D&RGW train in '93
Author: upkpfan

That is a test car with testing equipment inside to check the new engines and could also be to trouble shoot any problems that might come up. Checked on SF rotary and is still in same place yet in Topeka. upkpfan

Date: 01/20/08 13:47
Re: 3 EMD demonstrator units on D&RGW train in '93
Author: WAF

Here is the EMD7001 on the EYNNC spliced between two GEs in June, 1994 on the Moffat in Coal Creek canyon

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