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Nostalgia & History > ATSF steam locomotive 1880 in Newton, KS, park

Date: 02/16/08 18:35
ATSF steam locomotive 1880 in Newton, KS, park
Author: JoCoLB

One of the surviving steam locomotives on the former ATSF Railway can be found in the Military Park in downtown Newton, KS. It is 2-6-2 engine 1880.

The two accompanying photos of 1880 were taken on May 5, 1989. The train is pointed west.

The second photo shows part of a former canopy from the train platform at the Santa Fe station in Newton that had been erected on the north side of the steam engine. Another such canopy was later positioned on the south side of the steam engine. A roof covering the locomotive was then built between the two platform canopies, creating an impressive park display. The large roof will help protect the engine from the weather for many, many years. I'm told the engine was also cosmetically updated at the time the engine received the protective roof.

One of the last books by the late Lloyd E. Stagner of Newton was a book entitled "Santa Fe Steam Survivors." Every ATSF steam locomotive remaining anywhere in the United States is featured in the book. The book was designed to urge railroad enthusiasts and history preservationists everywhere to take action to ensure the future survival of all remaining steam locomotives across the land. It was noted that these old steamers are "treasured artifacts of America's rail heritage."

Will the old steam engine closest to your hometown survive the elements over the next 50, 75 or 100 years?

Mr. Stagner was a renowned steam locomotive historian and was the author of more than 30 books. Noted railroad preservation writer Bob Yarger authored the last chapter in the book, making numerous comments and suggestions for future railroad preservationists.

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