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Date: 03/31/10 08:49
Snippets of Conversation
Author: africansteam

Somehow we wound up on the complementary subscription list of 7 x7 San Francisco Magazine, a publication for that city’s millennials. A column titled “Overheard” invites readers to share snippets of conversation they have overheard while wandering about the city. This column triggered my memory and brought back a snippet from the days of my youth as a Los Angeles teenager in 1961.

During the last days of streetcar service I made a number of trips from the San Fernando Valley to downtown LA to record the activities at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority’s 12th and Georgia Street car-barn and yard.

Directly across from the yard was what we would charitably describe as a transient hotel. As a rather naive 16 year old, I didn’t fully appreciate the significance of this establishment at the time. My immediate concern was that the upper floor fire escapes offered a great view of the Georgia Street yard storage tracks below. I made several early morning forays into this establishment to take pictures of the yard, and one nighttime trip. Aside from the desk clerk, who seemed satisfied with my reason for entering his establishment, I never encountered a soul. Then, on my nocturnal visit, and after taking the above picture, I was returning down the hall to the staircase, when I encountered two women and a man who could best be described as “wore out”.

The man was fully dressed, but the two women were in tattered robes. Suddenly, one of the women put her hand inside the top of the other woman’s robe, to which that woman replied, “I ain’t wear’n yer bra”.

I just kept walk’n.


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Date: 03/31/10 09:20
Re: Snippets of Conversation
Author: erielackawanna

Really fantastic image, Jack... funny the things we do at 16, not realizing we are maybe stepping into situations that we shouldn't.

Date: 03/31/10 18:13
Re: Snippets of Conversation
Author: engine3420

I assume this was your last foray into said establishment ?

Date: 03/31/10 18:26
Re: Snippets of Conversation
Author: africansteam

engine3420 Wrote:
> I assume this was your last foray into said
> establishment ?

Yea, verily and sore tooth!

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