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Nostalgia & History > Euclid Railroad & B&O "snake" line in Ohio

Date: 09/27/11 12:15
Euclid Railroad & B&O "snake" line in Ohio
Author: blphoto

Does anyone have pictures of the Euclid Railroad other than those availiable at the Euclid Historical Museum? (nothing online) It was a NKP interchange at the very east end of Cleveland and the very west end of Euclid, it parralleled S. Green Rd. Went up and served the bluestone quarry. I am also looking for any B&O photos of the Fairport "snake" line that went through Chardon, Ohio in Lake and Geuaga counties. I am planing on doing a layout in n scale of one or both and do not have much to go by but very few photos. Thanks for any info and pics! -Brent

Date: 09/27/11 15:22
Re: Euclid Railroad & B&O "snake" line in Ohio
Author: halfmoonharold

The only photos I've seen of the Euc are close-up scenes of an engine buried in foliage. Various NKP publications have had photos, but not much to help with modeling. There are videos showing the B&O line, try Revelation Audio-Visual in Akron or Talmadge, Ohio.

Date: 09/28/11 09:42
Re: Euclid Railroad & B&O "snake" line in Ohio
Author: jerryheng

Sorry, the only images I have are in ancient memories from my youth, and that's a long time ago (late 50s/early 60s). None of those images contain trains.

I never knew that the track up to South Euclid was the Euclid Railroad. To me, it was a single track that crossed Glenridge Blvd and ended at what I believe was South Euclid Concrete (now Imperial Concrete and Waterproofing at that location). The ROW was very much obliterated last time I drove through last through. Don't know if South Euclid has a historical society that could be of assistance. Maybe the county library on Mayfield Road could help, too.

The B&O was a track we crossed over on Ohio 84 where Ohio 86 came up a hill southwest of Painesville. The ROW is now a bike/hike trail. Most of the ROW was still visible in satellite shots all the way to Warren when I looked last year. I had photos from the very early 80s of an ancient box car in Fairport. That car enthralled me. It sat by its lonesome near a marina built from an old coal or stone dock. Back then, it looked like B&O or some line once had a small yard stretching north from there, but the tracks were gone IIRC. The box car is gone now, as are my photos and negatives.

Maybe the Fairport library or Lake County Historical Society could help with the B&O. Sorry, blphoto, that's the best I can do.

- Jerry

Date: 09/28/11 10:33
Re: Euclid Railroad & B&O "snake" line in Ohio
Author: blphoto

Thanks guys. I knew this would be tough...

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