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Date: 11/08/12 19:08
More Conrail GP15's
Author: RDG630

Lansdale, Pa
Rockhill by old tank - still there in 2012
Northbound on Stony Creek Branch near Morris Road

Date: 11/08/12 19:11
Re: More Conrail GP15's
Author: RDG630

Crossing Schuylkill River at Norris Tower
Coatesville, Pa on ex-PRR Main Line
Downtown Souderton, Pa

Date: 11/09/12 05:22
Re: More Conrail GP15's
Author: althewelder

Very nice photographs. It is nice to see photos of Conrail units as living on the west coast we didn't get to see them very much.

AL Bayer

Date: 11/09/12 06:33
Re: More Conrail GP15's
Author: DrLoco

I cut my railroad teeth as a brakeman, conductor and eventually engineer working with these "little engines."
THey were GREAT at kicking cars in the yard, with the accelerated start (switching) feature, but you get anything over about 20-25 cars, and they really took a LOOOONG time to get the train up to track speed. They rattled and vibrated a lot, especially when engine RPM's changed. They also seemed to always be throwing oil out the stack...I don't know how many shirts/overalls/hats I had ruined by oil spots that wouldn't come out in the wash...
Indianapolis seemed to be home base for about 20 of these in Conrail. when CSX took over, we still had several 1500's (as they got renumbered to) around. In the past 2 years, I've only seen a handful, and only ran one. I wonder if they're coming off lease and getting sold to LTEX, or if they're just working somewhere else.
Either way, they were neat engines...Yard goats wrapped up in road bodies...

Date: 11/09/12 20:11
Re: More Conrail GP15's
Author: JasonCNW

we have one working at my ethanol plant.

Date: 11/10/12 22:55
Re: More Conrail GP15's
Author: skeezix91

CBCNS (Cape Breton Central Nova Scotia) have a handful of these units as well.

photo 1) Stellarton, N.S. March 2007.

Photo 2) Port Hawkesbury, N.S. Sept. 2010

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