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Date: 11/08/12 20:06
1970s Santa Fe
Author: choochoocharlie

More Santa Fe photos from my digital section of my son Davids MILEPOST MEMORIES ALONG THE SANTA FE program. Sorry do not have dates for these as my son scanned the photos. This is before I mentioned to him that he should add the dates and locations onto the scanned file for better identification. I know the locations as I took the photos, but having to guess on the dates without actually seeing the slide mounts where the info is listed is a bit more challenging.

1 - GP30 #3278 with a GP 35 and a UP caboose on a coal train at the Summit of Cajon Pass. This is the end of the train with actually a 5 unit helper set of which only the last two are seen here. On the head end was a DRGW unit and two UP units. Photo taken around 1970 before the realignment of the Summit tracks.
2 - GP35 #3374 leading a westbound train downgrade thru Caliente on the way to Bakersfield in the early 1970s.
3 - GP35 #3394 leads a 5 unit light helper set West downgrade approaching tunnel #1 with an Eastbound SP freight in the background above them going thru Bealville/Allard siding. This photo taken in the early 1970s.


Date: 11/08/12 21:05
Re: 1970s Santa Fe
Author: 3rdswitch

Awesome photos.

Date: 11/08/12 22:14
Re: 1970s Santa Fe
Author: billmeeker

Like that 3rd shot.

Date: 11/08/12 23:33
Re: 1970s Santa Fe
Author: coach

It's amazing how much faith and use ATSF gave it's small GP-30's and GP-35's on severe grades like Tehachapi, while the SP barely used them at all. And ATSF did this for a long time. Better maintenance, perhaps?

Date: 11/09/12 10:09
Re: 1970s Santa Fe
Author: SoCalCynic

Makes me wish I would have pestered my parents to take me to Tehachapi and Cajon, rather than LAX to watch airplanes, as a boy...

Thank you very much for sharing!

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