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Date: 11/12/12 23:25
If you like Ektachrome, don't look!
Author: choochoocharlie

Sorry, couldn't resist as here are three more shots of SP Kodachrome units and taken on Kodachrome film, of course.

1 - SP SD9 rebuilds #4372 and 4354 lead the Cushman Turn out of the Eugene yard and onto the Coos Bay Y headed toward Cushman on the Coos Bay Branch. The train is going under the Roosevelt Blvd. bridge during the construction of it and the Chambers Connector to River Road. Photo taken on Kodachrome 64 on April 27th, 1987.
2 - SP Rebuilt SD9s #4363, 4400, 4430 and 4338 headed East out of the Eugene yard at Irving Road with the WJPTY. Basically a train of empties going up the Willamette Valley to Portland. Took the photo from the top of my VW Vanagon on Kodachrome 64 on October 11th, 1986.
3 - SP helper set consisting of rebuilt SD45T-2 #6769 with 6825, 8386, 9368 and 9239 are being cut into a Westbound train at Dougren. This set came down from the hill earlier after helping another Westbound train to Cascade Summit. They just had a crew change here too. Extra #7373 West has already pulled ahead with the front part of the train. The helpers pulled out onto the main and coupled up to the rear portion of the train and will bring it forward to couple up to the front part of the train. After the required air tests they got underway and headed up the hill. The units on the head end were #7373, 7485 and 7559. According to my notes from the time the helpers arrived in the siding at Dougren, til the caboose of the train went by me, the total time used was 34 minutes. That is a really good time for that whole operation of helper arriving, crew change, and cutting in the helpers, air tests and final departure. Oh yes, photo taken on Kodachrome 200 on March 12th, 1988. Works for me!


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Date: 11/12/12 23:46
Re: If you like Ektachrome, don't look!
Author: Fizzboy7

Agh! Just more amazing images to think about! SP put on such a great industrial show!

Okay, this is pushing it , but has anyone ever seen three SP kodachromes all together in one train? Pics not necessary to be legit.

Date: 11/13/12 12:19
Re: If you like Ektachrome, don't look!
Author: UP9000

As a kid, I recall seeing one SP train rolling through Richmond, CA in 1986 with 4 or 5. I know it was a solid set, and they were CLEAN!!

Jamie Miller

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