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Date: 11/13/12 20:47
more SP train ends
Author: choochoocharlie

1 - Caboose #1257 on the end of the local out of Oxnard getting their orders in the Santa Barbara station. Photo taken on July 28th, 1973.
2 - Two cabeese on the end of an Eastbound train going by the Santa Barbara station led by SP SD45 #8973. They had to wait a bit for the Westbound Amtrak Coast Starlight which is going thru the yard at that moment. Photo taken on August 12th, 1973.
3 - Bay window caboose #1821 (BLT. 4-70)on the local as they get their orders in the SB station for the return run back to Oxnard while the train sits on the Eastbound Main. Photo taken on December 20th, 1973.


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Date: 11/13/12 21:48
Re: more SP train ends
Author: IC_2024

Nice shots... thanks for sharing. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to work #11/12 and 13/14 back in the 80's and 90's. Laying over in SBA was one of the best layovers that I've ever had on AMTK. It all ended in '99 when SLO crewbase was created--E.T.T.S.

Date: 11/14/12 00:59
Re: more SP train ends
Author: Fizzboy7

Love em all! What were you standing on for pic #2?

Date: 11/14/12 22:10
Re: more SP train ends
Author: choochoocharlie

In photo #2 I was a good ways up the train order signal post ladder. Yes I know, bad boy, but knew the day operator and as long as I was careful, he had no problem with it. Had been taking photos around the station for years so they were very familiar with me and one of my friends Father was a ticket agent for the SP, then Amtrak at the station.


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