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Nostalgia & History > few from "extras boxes" . . .

Date: 11/16/12 16:05
few from "extras boxes" . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

. . . unable to locate a few specific slides I have had to open the big box from the garage and look through a few thousand slides just in case they were inadvertently put in a wrong box. Here are a few crooked, dark, ect I picked out that look a lot better today then thirty plus years ago;
top: westbound Buena Park, CA Santa Fe 3rd District 10-72.
middle: eastbound Super C passing Colton tower, Colton, CA Santa Fe 3rd District 5-74.
bottom: westbound UP hotshot accelerating off Santa Fe trackage rights at W Riverside, CA on UP LA Sub 12-74.

Date: 11/16/12 16:25
Re: few from "extras boxes" . . .
Author: hiline

All three look good to me. Thank's for posting.

Date: 11/16/12 16:37
Re: few from "extras boxes" . . .
Author: Notch16

All three look great to me too. And all have a real leaning-into-the-load quality. Looks like power personified.

Maybe units are more efficient and powerful now, overall. But this looked and sounded like it meant business, without a doubt!

~ BZ

Date: 11/16/12 16:57
Re: few from "extras boxes" . . .
Author: santafe199

Gee whiz, Joe! I sure wish I had a box of culls out in the garage I could just reach into and pull out some gems of history like these...


Date: 11/17/12 18:07
Re: few from "extras boxes" . . .
Author: mustraline

Nice pics. Has the lake started to fill yet?

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