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Date: 11/17/12 23:22
More SP cabeese
Author: choochoocharlie

Love looking at these shots of the ends of SP trains in the 1970s. Just can't get this stuff anymore...........unforetunately.

1 - SP caboose #1837 on the end of the local out of Oxnard led by SW1500 #2640. It is seen here at Ortega Hill just West of Summerland on February 16th, 1974.
2 - The end of SP train 2-831 led by SD45T-2 #9169 plus three SD45s entering Santa Barbara at East Santa Barbara. Photo taken on April 22nd, 1974.
3 - SP caboose #1611 on a 73 car Westbound led by SD45 #8827 just about to go thru Santa Barbara. Photo taken near the Andre Clark Bird Refuge on July 27th, 1974. Sorry about the graffiti, if at that time it can be called that. At least it doesn't cover up the whole car as it can today.


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Date: 11/20/12 17:55
Re: More SP cabeese
Author: ButteStBrakeman

As usual, Charlie!! This was the Santa Barbara local, on duty at 1000.



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