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Nostalgia & History > one for TOTO tuesday . .

Date: 11/20/12 06:56
one for TOTO tuesday . .
Author: 3rdswitch

. . in July 1973 a southbound train was arriving Chanute, KS terminal on the Santa Fe's Tulsa, OK line.

Date: 11/20/12 09:44
Re: one for TOTO tuesday . .
Author: santafe199

Wow, solid 3100's. I suppose this scene was utterly commonplace way back when (Illinois? Missouri?) but so many years later a consist like this jumps out at me...
Nice memory, Joe!


Date: 11/20/12 09:50
Re: one for TOTO tuesday . .
Author: 3rdswitch

As I recall the entire engine facility had nothing but 3100's, here is another photo.

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Date: 11/20/12 09:58
Re: one for TOTO tuesday . .
Author: qman

Nice slice of history Joe !!!!!


Date: 11/20/12 10:03
Re: one for TOTO Tuesday . .
Author: superfleet

I remember growing up near the Wichita North Yard and being so excited to see the GP20's show up. We had a steady diet of switchers and F-units, and hearing the whistling sound emanating from the turbochargers on those newfangled GP20's was quite a thrill as it just sounded of power...

As soon as I could get one I had to have a Tyco HO GP20 in the resplendent Santa Fe blue and yellow, albeit the Tyco version I had did not have the dynamic brake blister and of course it had the classic "wienie roast in the cab" lighting but she sure was spiffy in the ATSF paint!

Nowadays I have an ATSF GP20 builders plate in my collection, and lots of fond memories.


Date: 11/20/12 13:43
Re: one for TOTO tuesday . .
Author: mopacrr

Just a few years prior to the GP-20's, it was all GP-7's. It was also home to the U_23B's for a time as well.

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