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Nostalgia & History > Inter-American arriving McGregor,Tx -- Aug 76

Date: 11/24/12 10:49
Inter-American arriving McGregor,Tx -- Aug 76
Author: gcm

The southbound Inter-American arrives at the Santa Fe station.

(1) The E-unit is about to cross the now abandoned Waco-Gatesville Cotton Belt line.
Till 1967 ,the station had a tower at the corner of the station (just to the right of the orderboard).
The Texas Eagle still stops here -- this is the stop for Waco, 25 miles to the east.

(2) The lead unit is ex-UP #947A -E9.

(3) #404 was an ex-SCL E9 unit - rebuilt in 1962 with E6 engine parts.

Date: 11/24/12 10:50
Re: Inter-American arriving McGregor,Tx -- Aug 76
Author: gcm

(4) As usual, the consist was mostly ex-SP equipment - here are a couple of ex-SP coaches.

(5) #4421 was a coach built for the SP and the Sunset limited in 1950.
The diner just coming in to view looked like an ex-SP car also.

(6) Headed south on the Santa Fe Southern division.
Next stop is Temple.

Date: 11/24/12 14:21
Re: Inter-American arriving McGregor,TX -- Aug 76
Author: railaddict

What great pictures! What a neat little train the Inter-American was. It has many hurdles to climb in the anti-Amtrak Mopac years, but it survived. The SP train sets that came to St. Louis in 1976 included three 10-6 sleepers, 2685, 2686, and 2687. 2686 and 87 had colorful red and purple interiors, and were loud but nice. 2685 had an unusual interior of green and blue, for a unique and very attractive interior. 2287 was lost in a derailment in about 1977 near Gladewater, the other two cars went on into Amtrak electrification for many more years of service.
Thank you for these posts. If you have any interior pictures, please share them.

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