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Nostalgia & History > F units at Martinez 1962

Date: 12/08/12 21:15
F units at Martinez 1962
Author: photobob

X6460 East lead by 6443 passing the Martinez Station back in 1962. A signboard in the background claims Martinez to be the "City Most Likely".

Robert Morris Photography

Date: 12/08/12 22:21
Re: F units at Martinez 1962
Author: sphauler

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 12/09/12 00:35
Re: F units at Martinez 1962
Author: Notch16

So... 6443 was in the middle of a group (6440-6445) of F7s with passenger steam heat lines and controls, but was not classified as a passenger unit in the 1965 renumbering. (Its surrounding roster mates were.)

And 6460 is a passenger unit with steam boiler, an FP7.

1. Where's 6460? Behind the B-unit?

2. Were these two units added to Extra 6460 East as helpers up the grade to the Carquinez bridge?

3. Were passenger Fs as busy with the odd freight assignment in 1962 as they were later in the decade and into the early 70s?

Love that billboard. Bob, do you have a clean shot of the whole thing somewhere?

~ BZ

Date: 12/09/12 08:54
Re: F units at Martinez 1962
Author: africansteam

Love the art deco billboard behind the F-units!


Date: 12/09/12 18:09
Re: F units at Martinez 1962
Author: 567Chant

The billboard appears to tout Martinez; its Homes, Schools, Churches.

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