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Nostalgia & History > Rember ACI labels?

Date: 12/18/12 16:27
Rember ACI labels?
Author: retcsxcfm

A fellow carman of mine,now passed.Peeling the protective covering from the labels,ca.1968.

Uncle Joe,Seffner,Fl.

Date: 12/19/12 07:08
Re: Rember ACI labels?
Author: shoretower

It *was* a bar code for freight cars. Not only that, but the green-and-white UPC labels you find on food products are direct descendents of ACI. Optical labels work just fine if they only have to make a one-way trip.

Date: 12/19/12 11:01
Re: Rember ACI labels?
Author: Rathole

Got one preserved and hanging on the wall of my basement!

Date: 12/23/12 15:09
Re: Rember ACI labels?
Author: JLY

They were discontinued as it was impossible to keep them clean enough for the reader not to mis read them even after a cleaning crew was employeed at the cleaning track at the terminals.

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