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Date: 03/29/13 10:42
Depot Friday-Midland Valley
Author: Eric

Here is a rare pic of the Midland Valley depot at Foraker, Oklahoma. Would guess to be circa 1915. Never was much at Foraker and I'd have to believe the depot was one of the larger buildings in the area. Probably also why there were living quarters for the agent/family as the town was never very big. I've seen one other Midland Valley depot that was also a 2 story depot and it was somewhere in eastern Okla., SE of Tulsa.

Date: 03/29/13 12:41
Re: Depot Friday-Midland Valley
Author: africansteam

Great Picture. Looks like either several families or holiday or school outing.

I'll bet that if you showed that picture to some of the townsfolk today they could identify at least one individual.


Date: 03/29/13 12:48
Re: Depot Friday-Midland Valley
Author: Eric

There probably aren't 50 people who live in Foraker and the nearby area. It's ranching and oil country and grasslands. Very pretty, open, rolling prairies. Th railroad has been gone since the 70's and that depot has probably been gone sine the 30's or so. Not many left who'd remember who was who, LOL!~

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