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Date: 04/05/14 12:32
My Only CB&Q U-Boat
Author: MartyBernard

Growing up along the CB&Q I was an EMD fan because that is all I saw. I moved away from Westmont about the time the Q acquired some GE U-boats. I only caught one on film, U28B 107. Here she is at W. Eola on August 27, 1969. Her red paint already seems to be fading. Di GE unse cheap paint and EMD not? She was built October 1966 and became BN 5451, then Transkentucky Transportation (TTI) 256.

Marty Bernard

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Date: 04/05/14 18:01
Re: My Only CB&Q U-Boat
Author: ssloansjca

Nice! I always liked these!


Date: 04/05/14 20:24
Re: My Only CB&Q U-Boat
Author: Xtra276West

Bummer.....all you were seeing were CB&Q EMD's.....;-)

Thanks, again, Marty -- for all the old "Q"-stuff.

Pat from Littleton, CO.

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