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Date: 03/20/17 06:53
Author: SP2778

BC 607-S407 switching. July 25, 1990.
Location not known.
(A Jeff Robertson video).

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Date: 03/20/17 07:23
Re: BCRAIL 1990
Author: FiveChime

North Vancouver. Nice.

Regards, Jim Evans

Date: 03/20/17 16:13
Re: BC RAIL 1990
Author: ted1897

The ALCO  doing the switching, Canadian built? Comparable to what EMD GP locomotive?
The BCR Red, White, Blue road units - also ALCO? When were they built? Still in service?
Just curious...


Date: 03/21/17 03:17
Re: BC RAIL 1990
Author: tsokolan

The 607 is an 1800 HP Montreal Locomotive Works built RS-18 (based on the designs of the ALco RS-11)
The S407 (blue slug) paired with the 607 is a slug (no prime mover) and was built from a cut down RS-3
The red, white and blue units in the background are General Electric built C40-8M's


Date: 03/21/17 08:13
Re: BC RAIL 1990
Author: ted1897

Very interesting, Trevor. Thank you for the information - I figured that
someone on TO would know.


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