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Date: 04/21/17 04:46
Freight Car's for Friday
Author: biff

Got the scanner out and scanned a few cars from days gone by. All shots from the late 70's or early 80's.

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Date: 04/21/17 05:48
Re: Freight Car s for Friday
Author: monaddave

Thank you. Gotta love the Hill Lines and their subsidiaries.

Dave in Missoula

Date: 04/21/17 08:00
Re: Freight Car s for Friday
Author: SPDRGWfan

Love freight car photo's! Can't get enough.

Date: 04/21/17 13:13
Re: Freight Car s for Friday
Author: bnsfsd70

That GN car is great! As a bit of personal interest to me, the very first photo of mine that got published was of a car like this rolling through Galesburg, IL in the mid-late 90's. It was in a Model Railroader column about surviving BN predecessor line cars.

Thanks for sharing!
- Jeff Carlson

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