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Date: 11/28/18 19:56
CACV 100
Author: refarkas

Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley 100 is in an unknown location in the late 1970's.

Date: 11/28/18 20:28
Re: CACV 100
Author: callum_out

Bteween the rail weight and that boxcar, pretty interesting picture!'


Date: 11/28/18 20:43
Re: CACV 100
Author: krm152

That was really a colorful yet tasteful paint scheme on CACV 100.  
Thanks for posting your nice roster photo.

Date: 11/28/18 21:03
Re: CACV 100
Author: Theowhitey

Nice. I don't believe I've ever seen this unit in that paint--lightning stripe, yes--but not this scheme.

Date: 11/29/18 03:54
Re: CACV 100
Author: Roadjob

Never saw that one! Need my sunglasses for that!! Way to bright for that neck of the woods.

Bill Rettberg
Bel Air, MD

Date: 11/29/18 11:11
Re: CACV 100
Author: boejoe

I think the Fonda Johnstown and Gloversville (boxcar) was a sister Otsego family member for a short time in the beginning of the short line start-up.

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