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Date: 12/04/18 17:25
Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: overniteman

Here's mine. Feel free to add a shot at your favorite spot. Let's get a huge post going!

Penn Central EMD SD45 6234 & SD40 6107 have just tied onto ex-New York Central N7 21594 at AR interlocking, Gallitzin, Pennsylvania.

They're going to provide some much need braking for an Eastbound coal train that is just about to drop down the Allegheny Mountains. Note the PRR "gold ball" hopper car.

Looking at the center middle (above the SD45), the Westbound mainline can be seen and the signal bridge at UN interlocking.

The Pennsylvania Railroad mainline (West/East) split at Gallitzin and emerged from tunnels on either side of town.
It came back together about a half mile West of here, swinging left to Cresson, Pennsylvania. Cresson was considered the crest of the grade.

Also, to the right is the famed "helper loop".
Westbound trains would cut off their helpers at UN. The helpers would reverse to the helper loop switch and then the helper would run the loop and head back to Altoona for it's next assignment.

It's all hard to put into words, but it always fascinated me how the mighty PRR with all of it's traffic had to fight this grade over the Allegheny Mountains. Round the clock, day in and day out.

June, 1975.

Date: 12/04/18 18:22
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: icancmp193

I'm a lazy railfan in my old age, so I like the Stampfli Lane crossing in suburban Crescent Mills, CA on the BNSF Gateway Sub. It is less than 1.5 miles from the house. Especially if I see a train parked out there, because that is like shooting fish in a barrel. The downside is the brush keeps getting taller and it is a tighter photo than it used to be. If I'm feeling ambitious, I go into town (Greenville) or down to the Arlington Road crossing by the golf course.


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Date: 12/04/18 20:07
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: RuleG

I have several favorite spots.  One of them is West Park in Pittsburgh's North Side.

June 2018

Date: 12/05/18 03:20
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: Ray_Murphy

The footbridge at Beaconsfield, a suburb of Montreal.


Date: 12/05/18 05:45
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: hoggerdoug

My favorite spot, in the cab and "full foward vision".  Mile 406, Ahabu Bridge, BC Rail Prince George sub, 

Date: 12/05/18 05:50
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: LV95032

My favorite was to sit on the rock at Newport, Pa

Date: 12/05/18 15:18
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: Pattenburg

Before it became off limits, Musconetcong Tunnel in Pattenburg Tunnel was my favorite spot. No telling what one might see. Seen here is D&H 266 back in May, 1994 heading east.

Date: 12/05/18 16:13
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: overniteman

Some really nice images!
Feel free to add one from your favorite location,

Date: 12/05/18 16:38
Re: Got A Favorite Spot?
Author: goneon66

my favorite spot is on the bnsf's seligman sub just w/of hackberry, az.  a nice road crossing where all trains still blow their horns and w/b's are pulling hard out of the sag.

here is an e/b manifest........


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