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Date: 12/06/18 06:23
Southern Railway's Atlanta Office
Author: ETFuller

Doug Bess worked for the Southern Railway in Atlanta, Georgia, and writes about the history of the buildings the railroad occupied in, today on The Trackside Photographer.


Edd Fuller, Editor
The Trackside Photographer

Date: 12/06/18 07:03
Re: Southern Railway's Atlanta Office
Author: rhburn3

A great story about buildings I saw from 1963 forward.  From 2000 to 2001, I worked for J M Huber and had many meetings with Norfolk Southern Staff in the office buildings.

Date: 12/06/18 13:01
Re: Southern Railway's Atlanta Office
Author: ctillnc

Nicely written. One of the office buildings also served as a makeshift passenger station for the Nancy Hanks II between the June 14, 1970 closure of Terminal Station and the last runs of the train on Amtrak Eve. 

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