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Nostalgia & History > PC E33's in 1974

Date: 01/04/19 18:27
PC E33's in 1974
Author: RDG630

Former VGN/ NH GE E33's lead a freight east over the Brandywine Creek in Coatesville, Pa on April 15, 1974. I was lucky to get ahead as the traIn passed through Caln just east of Coatesville.

Date: 01/04/19 18:31
Re: PC E33's in 1974
Author: refarkas

Great images. My favorite one is number one with them on the bridge.

Date: 01/04/19 18:39
Re: PC E33's in 1974
Author: perklocal

These are Great !  That stone arch bridge is an impressive piece of work. I also like the block of IC boxcars up front.

Date: 01/04/19 18:46
Re: PC E33's in 1974
Author: ns2557

I liked these more than the E44's, tho they were all great.  Nice set of shots.  Ben

Date: 01/04/19 19:34
Re: PC E33's in 1974
Author: krm152

Excellent mainline electric action photos.  Like them all especially Photo 1.
Thanks very much for your posting.

Date: 01/04/19 19:50
Re: PC E33's in 1974
Author: King_Coal

You did pretty well chasing these trains in that area. Must have been some expeditious driving!  Nice photos.

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