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Date: 01/06/19 15:30
1955 Consist/Power for SP Sunbeam
Author: UP951West

My family and I moved to Corsicana, TX in 1955. This was the last year of the SP / T&NO Sunbeam service. I'd like to model the 1955 Sunbeam. 
I'd like to know what a typical consist and power was for this train in 1955. Thank you in advance. --Kelly

Date: 01/06/19 19:53
Re: 1955 Consist/Power for SP Sunbeam
Author: MojaveBill

Google "SP/T&NO Sunbeam" service...

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 01/08/19 18:34
Re: 1955 Consist/Power for SP Sunbeam
Author: Atlpete

Per Goen's book, once the Hustler was killed off in Aug '54, the Sunbeam #13-14 was the sole daytime passenger schedule on the T&NO leaving Houston 8:20 am and Dallas at 5pm,
allowing it to be covered by a single consist, By then it was down typically to five LW PS cars, the baggage, three 48 seat coaches and the diner-lounge-observation.
The parlor car discontinued by then and two-unit articulated coaches re-assigned to the Pacific Lines.  Likewise with the reduced consist a single PA covered the round trip,
still a very cool and tidy looking pocket streamliner until it's demise Sep 11th '55. I have seen at least one photo of it in its last few months with only two coaches yet still carrying the baggage and obs.   Let me know if you need car plan numbers.

Passenger service on the T&NO persisted between Dallas-Houston until June '58 with the overnight OWL, an austere run, primarily a mail and express schedule with an accomodation HW coach and sleeper. 

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