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Date: 02/11/19 11:53
MAC Monday . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

.   .   .   UP's class SD90MAC 8000, technically SD9043AC (first unit numbered in the class) leads a westbound coal empty into the sunset at Darr, NE in summer '96.

Date: 02/11/19 12:26
Re: MAC Monday . . .
Author: King_Coal

Neat photo. The front of UP 8000 sure is yellow! Lots of real estate which now has the the benefit of wings. This photo is before the triple track upgrade. The Kearney Sub was a pretty rough ride back then. Now all CTC, concrete ties and high speed turnouts,

Date: 02/11/19 13:06
Re: MAC Monday . . .
Author: overniteman

Nice image.
Agree, with the strange look on the tiny UP shield.

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Date: 02/11/19 13:15
Re: MAC Monday . . .
Author: santafe199

Very good of the weatherman to give you those neat aerial colors! Great shot...


Date: 02/11/19 16:11
Re: MAC Monday . . .
Author: stevelv

overniteman Wrote:
> Nice image.
> Agree, with the strange look on the tiny UP
> shield.

Just from looking at photos on here over the years I've noticed units with off center front doors had the small UP shield.  Too much yellow as the other posted said.

Date: 02/11/19 17:16
Re: MAC Monday . . .
Author: SCKP187

Great photo--and those are nice looking units.
Brian Stevens

Date: 02/12/19 18:46
Re: MAC Monday . . .
Author: junctiontower

I have some personal history with UP 8000.  In an attempt to photograph it in the early 2000's leading a westbound train through Fort Wayne, I ended up falling into a deep brush lined and rock strewn ravine that is a remnant of the Wabash & Erie Canal.  I tore my clothes and injured my knee, but managed to save my camera.  The worst part was I was actually running an errand for work when it happened, so I had to walk back into work, dirty and bleeding with torn clothes.  A couple of my co-workers who witnessed it STILL give me grief about it.  The OTHER bad news: The one picture WAS able to get a few minutes later wasn't actually any good.  :(

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