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Date: 03/23/19 15:23
Santa Fe Info Please
Author: WichitaJct

Here's a photo of a WB passenger train at Topeka. Given the time of day, I would guess this was #5, The Scout, or what was left of it. Any idea of the year or who the photographer was? Thanks. 

Date: 03/23/19 15:24
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: chakk


Date: 03/23/19 16:07
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: Ritzville

Very Nice looking train!


Date: 03/23/19 16:13
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: agentatascadero

No dierespect intended to the regal PAs, but I think these early E units may have been the pinnicle of the application of the beloved warbonnet scheme.

To those whose eyes see such things, what time is it in the photo?


Stanford White
Carmel Valley, CA

Date: 03/23/19 16:22
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: Evan_Werkema

The photo previously appeared in this old thread: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?11,3278136

To quote the estimable santafe199, "AT&SF 14 on the point of train #5 at Topeka, KS on January 10, 1959. Photo by William A. Gibson Sr."

The 14L is an E6A, by the way, and westbound train 5 would be The Ranger.  The Spring/Summer 1959 public timetable shows No.5 into Topeka at 9:45am.

Date: 03/23/19 19:32
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: RodneyZona

Nice shot!  Old Santa Fe RR Emporta, KS and Kansas City based passenger train crews worked between Newton, KS and Kansas City.

Date: 03/23/19 20:52
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Isn't that the Fast 14, once saw a photo of it's speedometer at 114 MPH, supposed due to it's higher speed gearing?

Don Allender

Date: 03/23/19 22:14
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: MojaveBill

Having ridden behind those engines on the Golden Gate in the 1940s, I agree they are the finest warbonnets ever.
Between Bakersfield and Hanford as early as the late 1930s they probably became America's first high-speed trains..
You hardly got comfortable before it was time to get off the train in Hanford!

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 03/27/19 12:20
Re: Santa Fe Info Please
Author: Gonut1

Its time to get your oil changed at Mosby Mack Ford with their Finest Service in Town!

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