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Date: 05/14/19 08:24
Any help on these mystery cars?
Author: ACL3042

We stopped in Strasburg for breakfast afterwards, we crossed the tracks. I never saw these two passenger cars sitting here in Strasburg, Colorado. There have been other passenger cars sitting on the elevator track. The paint job is throwing me off. About the only railroad that I could think would be the GMO.

The car on the left has KRXX 1230 on the end. The car on the right that is covered up by the other passenger car is KRXX 1232.

Like I have said that I have never notice these two pullman cars. Do not know if they were part of a tourist operations or what. I thought that some one on TO might know about these cars. I do not know if they came into Strasburg via rail or to Denver then trucked out to Strasburg.

Okay detectives who own these cars and where they come from? It appears that these cars had HEP on the ends.

Gary Rich

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Date: 05/14/19 08:43
Re: Any help on these mystery cars?
Author: GettingShort

Ex-NYC Slumbercoaches? Rebuilt from 22 roomette cars?

Date: 05/14/19 09:09
Re: Any help on these mystery cars?
Author: bh35226

Remains of the Marlboro Train. You can see one of the cars, I believe at Radar Railcar, in picture 5.



Date: 05/14/19 12:17
Re: Any help on these mystery cars?
Author: 41

Ex-NYC 22 roomette sleepers that were rebuilt to Slumbercoaches (16 single rms & 10 double rms) in late 1950s or early 1960s. Some of these went to Amtrak and were retired in the 90's when they purged off their Heritage Fleet.

Date: 05/14/19 17:11
Re: Any help on these mystery cars?
Author: dan

for sale by rrpresevation, theĀ  author here, available on Ozark now i beleive

Date: 10/10/19 04:27
Re: Any help on these mystery cars?
Author: AFTX

Might have looked like this

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