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Date: 09/11/19 08:06
A well-weathered GP7...
Author: ghemr

 I caught CNW GP7 #4131 and caboose 11216 in Janesville, Wis on 6-15-90. Until now I didn't notice the equipment in the background-----a few ore jennies and passenger cars. Did that stuff belong to WSOR??

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Date: 09/11/19 08:21
Re: A well-weathered GP7...
Author: kevink

At that time it was still the Wisconsin and Calumet (WICT). Wisconsin Southern did not take over the WICT lines until late 1992. 

Date: 09/11/19 14:21
Re: A well-weathered GP7...
Author: Fortyfooter

Nice old green Geep back in the day! You must have been heading to Appleton for a few cold beers!

Date: 09/11/19 14:42
Re: A well-weathered GP7...
Author: WrongMain

Neat shot!  As small as Janesville was, it always had something special to see, and you had no trouble getting around to see it.  Today, it belongs to the WSOR and it's a different world.

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