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Date: 10/08/19 15:39
USS Plastics 60002
Author: Fortyfooter

USS Plastics ACFX number 60002! Does anyone have the backstory?

Gary A Rich Slide

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Date: 10/08/19 23:39
Re: USS Plastics 60002
Author: up833

May ;have been part of USS consumer efforts in producing styofoam insulated steel garage doors..?

Date: 10/09/19 06:15
Re: USS Plastics 60002
Author: CSX602

In the mid 1960s United States Steel was also into chemicals and plastics production... part of trying to broaden the scope of the company since the steel side was getting undercut by foreign steel.   By late 1960s those operations were grouped into a subsidiary called USS Chemicals.

Date: 10/09/19 15:21
Re: USS Plastics 60002
Author: TT

Anyone know if there is a decal set available for this car?

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