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Nostalgia & History > End of the Line - Utica 1982

Date: 10/08/19 18:07
End of the Line - Utica 1982
Author: train1275

On August 28, 1982 the NYSW operated an excursion from Binghamton to Utica sponsored by the RRE of New England ?

Power was ex L&N 1312 C420, NYSW 2000 and NYSW high hood C420 #2002 ex Long Island RR. 

Here we see Engineer Durwood Carman in the cab talking to Conductor Mike Waterman after arrival at the end of the line in Utica. Upon arriving in Utica the train stopped on Schuyler Street and had to wait out a torrential rain storm before unloading passengers. On the tail end is the LV 353 business car owned at the time by Dick Horstman. The Conrail, ex NYC RR mains are to the right and the tracks in the foreground are ex DL&W.

Others in the photo are from the U&MV Chapter NRHS and the RRE group.

Date: 10/08/19 19:21
Re: End of the Line - Utica 1982
Author: refarkas

Good photo. Here the people add some interest to this photo. They have a purpose. 

Date: 10/09/19 17:14
Re: End of the Line - Utica 1982
Author: Milwaukee

I didn't realize they had run anything like that the length of their branch to Utica.  That would have been quite a ride through a lot of quiet country.  

Thanks for sharing the photo here.

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