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Date: 11/09/19 00:53
Switcher Saturday - Birmingham Southern
Author: refarkas

Sometimes it's the train while other times it's the scene. Here's heavy industry in the Birmingham, Alabama area. As this was taken on Kodak High Speed Ektachrome push-processed to ASA 400, it is grainier and less sharp than Kodachrome.
1.) Closer crop
2.) The scene
Birmingham Southern 200 is leading four other switchers at either Ensley or Wylam, Alabama on October 13, 1973. The tracks they are about to cross might be US Steel tracks.

Date: 11/09/19 20:45
Re: Switcher Saturday - Birmingham Southern
Author: krm152

The five switcher lashup subject makes for a very unusual industrial shortline photo.
Thanks for the nice posting.

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