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Nostalgia & History > 1994: CR along NJ's Lehigh Line

Date: 01/13/20 09:23
1994: CR along NJ's Lehigh Line
Author: Pattenburg

CR's former Lehigh Line from Stanton Station (LEHL MP 53) to Pattenburg (LEHL MP 64) in 1994 was always a place I enjoyed photographing trains. Back then there was always a good flow of varied morning traffic one could count on such as Roadrailers or PIOI.
Photo 1: finds general merchandise freight ENSE (Enola - Selkirk) passing through Stanton Station's "S" curves on this March day. CR 8111 (ex-PC 8111) would eventually become NS 5300.
Photo 2: CR's Roadrailers, symbolled 262 if memory serves me correctly, has just emerged from Pattenburg Tunnel. This tunnel was considered the longest tunnel in CR's system back then. CR 8182 would eventually become NS 5343.
Photo 3: Mixed freight PIOI (Pittsburg - Oak Island) takes the passing siding adjacent to the Pattenburg Quarry and the site of the former Bellewood Park. CR 8125 (GP 38-2; ex-PC 8125) would eventually become NS 5308. 

Date: 01/13/20 14:15
Re: 1994: CR along NJ's Lehigh Line
Author: overniteman

Great trio of CR!

Date: 01/13/20 15:03
Re: 1994: CR along NJ's Lehigh Line
Author: pal77

Nice set of hard to get today shots even Stanton Station with the radio tower and associated stuff need to walk in thus you would be trespassing. Need not say anything about the tunnel shots.

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