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Nostalgia & History > WAG running extra (#74): D&RGW articulation

Date: 03/25/20 13:02
WAG running extra (#74): D&RGW articulation
Author: santafe199

As I scan through the Frisco negatives in Art’s collection I routinely have 2-3 minutes while the scanner is doing its thing with each image. So I just can’t resist peeking into any of the 50-60 other neg-bearing envelopes in this file tray. Here’s one from the D&RGW section of envelopes that just jumped up and said “DON’T wait. Post me NOW!” So I did. I don’t know nuthin’ about nuthin’ about Rio Grande steam. But I’m betting there are a couple-3-4 of you out there who can hold an intelligent technical conversation about this engine. As for me: I’ll just keep looking at a really cool piece of Rio Grande history…

1. D&RGW 2-8-8-2 #3413 sits in Denver, CO on January 29, 1939.
Original B/W neg by William A. Gibson (WAG) Sr.

Thanks for looking back!
Lance Garrels (santafe199)
Art Gibson (wag216)

Date: 03/25/20 13:26
Re: WAG running extra (#74): D&RGW articulation
Author: AMTRUK

Class L-95 Alco 1913 95,000lbs tractive effort.
The last class of compounds on the Rio Grande.
Interesting shot with boarded up cab and fresh paint, looks like it has the green boiler jacket.

Posted from Android

Date: 03/25/20 20:57
Re: WAG running extra (#74): D&RGW articulation
Author: tomstp

Yep 1939 indeed   the shot is prior to 1940 because of the lettering on the tender.  In 1940 they started the flying Rio Grande lettering.  You would think this engine was just delivered but there is no wood box protecting the headlight and all the rods are on it.  So wood on the windows was probably just protection for a shopped engine until it was needed. I always thought the tenders were really to small for those engines for water or coal.  They cured the coal problem some by putting coal boards in the tender.

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Date: 03/26/20 14:16
Re: WAG running extra (#74): D&RGW articulation
Author: superfleet

Another great shot!  I may be a flatlander, but D&RGW motive power (standard and narrow gauge) intrigues me greatly.  

Dan in Wichita

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