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Nostalgia & History > SP 6329 east at Colfax 1959

Date: 05/22/20 11:43
SP 6329 east at Colfax 1959
Author: photobob

This was my first time taking a photo of grabbing orders. My Dad took me up to Colfax with my new Argus C-Twenty. The fastest shutter speed was 1/200. The only light meter I had was the inside of the Kodachrome 10 box giving you a graph showing Bright Sun, Cloudy Sun, Overcast or forget it. I think this was somewhere in the forget it region for exposure. Anyway I can't go back to Colfax and repeat this scene with a camera that uses no film and goes up to ISO 32,000. I wonder if todays pixels will last 60 years like this 60 year old Kodachrome?

Robert Morris
Dunsmuir, CA
Robert Morris Photography

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Date: 05/22/20 12:13
Re: SP 6329 east at Colfax 1959
Author: DynamicBrake

Boy, Colfax sure doesn't look like that today.  I feel all discomBOBulated.  I'm trying to figure out where you were standing.  Nice shot of a better era BTW.  Thanks for sharing.

Kent in CArmel Valley

Date: 05/22/20 12:31
Re: SP 6329 east at Colfax 1959
Author: refarkas

Considering your camera and film, this is a first-rate image.

Date: 05/22/20 12:48
Re: SP 6329 east at Colfax 1959
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE shot! Colfax was interesting in those days with all the good looking trains.


Date: 05/22/20 16:31
Re: SP 6329 east at Colfax 1959
Author: Railpax71

Colfax depot to the left of the frame and train is eastbound.  The warehouse still exists but the cooling tower above the packing sheds is gone.

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