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Date: 07/31/20 18:29
Amtrak 384
Author: refarkas

Amtrak 384 is eastbound in Lakeland, Florida on December 29, 1981.

Date: 07/31/20 19:01
Re: Amtrak 384
Author: BNSF-6432

Nice shot. A classic looking passenger train, even if it's Amtrak.


Date: 08/01/20 01:48
Re: Amtrak 384
Author: RodneyZona

Old SCL RR Tampa, FL based passenger train crews worked to and from Jacksonville, Florida. Sanford, FL engine crews worked to and from Tampa.

Date: 08/01/20 06:16
Re: Amtrak 384
Author: RailThunder

Great catch. This is the St. Petersburg section of the northbound Silver Meteor. At Jacksonville it will be combined with the Miami section for the trip on to New York.

Date: 08/01/20 06:54
Re: Amtrak 384
Author: refarkas

Thanks for the infotmation.

Date: 08/01/20 15:07
Re: Amtrak 384
Author: krm152

Looks like a real quality streamliner. All the striping matches.
Thanks for the first-rate Amtrak photo posting.

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