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Nostalgia & History > Poking Around Pocatello Idaho May 7 1994 Pt 3

Date: 09/15/20 22:17
Poking Around Pocatello Idaho May 7 1994 Pt 3
Author: RailRat

Eastbound Departure of Evergreen stack train with SF Kodachrome 8077.
First is slow yard departure, then East of yard as train accelerates and 8077 smokes it up a bit, then view of stack cars swinging through the east switch getting close to track speed.

Then MARC 54 plus CNW 6807 in consist leaving eastbound out of east Pocatello yard.

By the way, these past 3 posts in this series were filmed with a Rented VHS camera at the time, not my usual camera, and there are some video glitchES every now and then, (like jumping frames), that I couldn't fix during the transfer to digital.

Hope u get a kick out of it anyway!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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